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Work in the Lab

Are you an undergrad looking to gain research experience? Do you have an interest in interdisciplinary studies? If you answered yes to these questions, we welcome you to get involved! 

We are located in Wells B412 and encourage interested students to stop by any of our regularly scheduled meetings (see calendar on homepage). Please direct any questions or inquires to Dr. Natalie Phillips at nmp@msu.edu and the DHLC Lab Manager at dhlc@msu.edu.

The Benefits of Participating in Undergraduate Research

Studies indicate that there are numerous benefits for undergraduates who participate in research including:

  • Enhancing their analytical skills and improving oral and written communication (Lopatto, 2007)

  • Experiencing an increase in their self-confidence (Russell, Hancock & McCollough, 2007)

  • Increasing the ability to identify a career focus (Seymour, Hunter, Laursen & Deantoni, 2003)

  • These students generally have higher graduation rates and report greater satisfaction of their overall undergraduate experience compared to non-researching peers (Mabrouk & Peters, 2000)

  • Establishing positive and productive working relationships with faculty increases the chance that they will write stellar letters of recommendation crucial for admission into graduate programs (Munoz-Dunbar & Stanton, 1999)

*Results of these studies as reported by the MSU Undergraduate Research Office