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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University



Natalie M. Phillips
Co-Director and Lead Faculty for Literary Neuroscience and History of Mind

Stephen Rachman
Co-Director and Lead Faculty for Digital Projects

Kristen Renzi
Research Coordinator for Literary Neuroscience, Creative Writing, and New Media

David Bering-Porter

Research Coordinator for Digital Humanities, Science and New Media, and Film Studies

Justus Nieland
Researcher in Film Studies, Cognition, and Affect


Erin Beard
Lead Graduate Researcher for Interdisciplinary Scholarship in Literature, Cognition and Digital Humanities; Lead Graduate Researcher in History of Mind

Stephen Grandchamp
Lead Graduate Researcher in Digital Humanities, Literature & Science, and Online Pedagogy

Shannon Sears
Graduate Researcher in Literature, Neuroscience, and History of Mind

Kate Birdsall
Grant Writer and Research Assistant for Literature, Immersion, and Virtual Environments of Empathy



Austin Gorsuch
Lead Undergraduate Researcher in Literature and History of Mind

Craig Pearson
Lead Undergraduate Researcher in Literary Neuroscience; Undergraduate Lab Manager

Katie Grimes
Undergraduate Researcher in Literature, Neuroscience, and the History of Reading

Angelo Hankes
Lead Undergraduate Researcher in Literary Cognition and Digital Humanities

Paige Fouty
Undergraduate Researcher in Literary Cognition, Neuroscience, and Education

Dorothea Kaiser
Undergraduate Researcher in Literary Cognition and Neuroscience

Robin Bouwhuis
Undergraduate Researcher in Literary Neuroscience

Shaniqua McShan
Undergraduate Researcher in Music and Poetry