About the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab

The Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab (DHLC) was founded in 2012 as a space in the Department of English devoted to cultivating interdisciplinary projects in literature, cognitive and neurosciences, and the Digital Humanities. 

The DHLC houses approximately 20 students, both graduate, and undergraduate, across many colleges at Michigan State University. All student researchers work on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research projects on, but not limited to: novel reading, neuroaesthetics of poetry, medical and public humanities projects, and narrative responses to classical music. With students ranging from an array of majors including English, Neuroscience, Education, Psychology, Journalism, Engineering, Biology, and more, our team brings together diverse perspectives and methods in a highly unique blend of the humanities and sciences. 

For more information on our research projects, head to the research page.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities (DH) is an expanding area of scholarly activity that is the intersection of digital technologies and disciplines within the humanities. By using DH tools, our lab discovers new ways of inquiry that involve collaboration, data analysis, interdisciplinary study, and computational thinking, all of which engage and translate to academic development. 

Literary Cognition

Literary Cognition (LC) engages with contemporary neuroscience and psychology. This interdisciplinary work requires many minds to engage with the projects. Therefore, the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab collaborates with many researchers within Michigan State University, nationally, and internationally to blend sciences with the humanities.