Michigan State University’s Digital Humanities is a group of passionate professors, faculty, and students who all work together to combine different passions and departments to create unique research and online communities. Digital Humanities is not limited to any specific area of interest, which offers opportunities that are entirely unique.

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Getting Involved with Digital Humanities


Undergraduate Professorial Assistantship

The DHLC usually accepts one or two PAs per year with the goal of continuing research in the lab the following years. For more information, follow the link.

DH Internship

As a part of the Digital Humanities undergraduate minor, students can complete an internship through the DHLC to fulfill the required experiential learning section of the minor.

Participate in Research The DHLC frequently has ongoing studies seeking participants, and often provides a small compensation to individuals who take part in a study. Tasks, time commitment, and compensation vary project to project. If you are interested in participating, email us to view studies that are currently seeking participants.

Digital Humanities Funding Scholarships

Community Artist Fellowship

Graduate Arts Fellowship

Conference Funding

Summer Program Funding

Seed Grant Funding