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Why work for the DHLC?

The DHLC is an interdisciplinary research lab that integrates tools and methods from literature, neuroscience, history of mind, digital humanities (DH), psychology, aesthetics, and cultural studies of music, film, and beyond. The multidisciplinary nature of the DHLC’s work creates research opportunities for students with interests that reach across the humanities and sciences. New students in the lab will work closely with faculty across colleges, with our lab manager, and with a diverse team of graduate and undergraduate students from various academic disciplines to refine their ability to conduct and communicate interdisciplinary research. Additionally, the lab offers many writing and presentation opportunities, allowing students to gain excellent professional experience and exposure and reach a more comprehensive understanding of the practices within academia and their discipline of interest.

How can I get involved?

Undergraduate and Graduate Research

The DHLC offers opportunities for Undergraduate Researchers and has a one year Graduate Research Assistantship (RA). If you are interested in becoming a graduate RA, please contact Natalie Phillips at nmp@msu.edu as well as your graduate advisor in the English Department to request more information.

Undergraduate Professorial Assistantship

If you are an undergraduate PA through the Honors College's Professorial Assistantship Program, contact your HC advisor or program administrator to request placement with the DHLC. We typically have one or two PA students each year. For more information about what we are looking for in a PA, visit our Professorial Assistantship page.

DH Internship

If you are an undergraduate minoring in Digital Humanities, we offer an internship program that qualifies for your required experiential capstone course. For more information, visit our DH Internship page

Participate in a Study

The DHLC frequently has ongoing studies seeking participants, and often provides a small compensation to individuals who take part in a study. Tasks, time commitment, and compensation vary project to project. If you are interested in participating, click here to view studies that are currently seeking participants.