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Current Projects

Distraction as Liveliness of Mind: A Cognitive Approach to Characterization in Jane Austen (Natalie Phillips)

  • Chapter PDF courtesy of Purdue University Press; from collection Theory of Mind and Literature (2010), edited by Paula Leverage, Howard Mancing, Jennifer Marston William, and Richard Schweickert

Literary Attention and Jane Austen: An Interdisciplinary fMRI Experiment on Close Reading and Pleasure Reading (Natalie Phillips, in collaboration with Bob Dougherty [Stanford], Samantha Holdsworth [Stanford], and Franco Moretti [Stanford])

The Monstrous World: A Department of English DHLC Project (Geoffrey Johns)

Animation: The Evolution of a Sentence (Stephen Rachman)

Ephemeral Performance Archive (Kristen Renzi)

Online Pedagogy Development: Creating an Online Literature Course Curriculum (Stephen Grandchamp)

Thirteen Ways of Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird: Exploring Digital Humanities and Literature (Kristen Renzi)


Future Projects

Poetry, Music, and Cognitive Rhythm: Integrating fMRI, EEG, and Eye Tracking in Literary Neuroscience (Natalie Phillips, in collaboration with Leigh VanHandel [Michigan State]; Alan Richardson [Boston College]; George D. Gopen [Duke]; Devin McAuley [Michigan State]; and the Timing, Attention & Perception Laboratory [Michigan State])

Literature, Immersion, and the Neuroscience of Empathy: An fMRI Experiment on Trauma Narratives (Natalie Phillips, in collaboration with the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, the Neurohumanities Research Group [Duke], Deborah Jenson [Duke], Michael Platt [Duke], Lasana Harris [Duke], and Suzanne Keen [Washington and Lee])

Distraction and Digital Reading: Cognitive Patterns of Attention in Fiction Reading for iPad, Kindle, and Traditional Book (Natalie Phillips)

The Project Cloud (Stephen Rachman)