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The Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition (DHLC) lab is an interdisciplinary center for research, teaching, and learning that provides a space for collaborative and creative projects on topics such as literary neuroscience, the history of cognition and media, and theories of knowledge production in the digital age.

The Digital Humanities & Literary Cognition lab has a number of ongoing projects focusing on different media, literature, and art forms. Currently there are three main projects:

  • Jane Austen and the neuroscience of reading

  • Poetry and aesthetic pleasure

  • Music and narrative cognition

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The DHLC lab explores new ways of integrating humanities and sciences around questions of cognition. In advancing this work, we focus on two main things:

  • Experiments in literary neuroscience.

  • The history of mind.

Our goal in all projects is to create an open environment for bringing together literary, historical, and scientific work on the mind, as well as for using digital technologies to provide a richer picture of the complexity involved in our brain's engagement with reading, music, and film.

The DHLC lab engages in interdisciplinary scholarship in several areas:

  • Online fluid textual scholarship and variorum. We produce textual commentary and analysis in array of contemporary electronic formats. These make use of Digital Timelines and Chronotopic layouts of literary critical commentary.

  • Literary/Visual culture intersections. We produce animations and visual representations of literary material.

  • Pedagogy of online literary education.  We explore and document dynamic approaches to the teaching of literature in the digital age.